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Do you remember the beginnings ?
The TI-Datamath 2500 from the early 70th's:

Datamath 2500

...and, you can see the design has already changed to the classical TI-Design,

the SR-10 from 1974:


Of course what has to be there....the Classicals from Texas Instruments:

The famous TI-59 attached to a PC100 Printer (unbelievable expensive in 1979: 950 $ !)


Another member of that family: The TI-58C which keeps the program even if the battery is empty !! Great progress in 1978 !


Also from that family: The TI-57 programmable calculator:


A little later the scientific TI-51-III was available (1980)


And again a little later the often used in school TI-30 appeared on the market...


This is a very special TI-calculator...designed for people who often have to
convert and calculate between decimal, hexadecimal and octal number: The TI-Programmer !

The TI Little Professor is a training tool for elementary mathematics sold already 1976

TI Little professor

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