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One of my personal favorites is the colorful CONVUS from 1976.

See details of the MOSTEK module here:
Mostek module

Also very exotic: A watch with a GREEN LED display, rare to find and from 1979: This COMPUCHRON

Computron Green

Another Compuchron watch with red LEDs:

Compuchron rot

This "LeGeneral"-Chronometer is one of the last LED-watch-models which were put onto the market.
It contains not only a classical LED-watch, but also a chronometer with a splitted display of seconds and hundreds of seconds
or seconds, minutes and hours.
It is also equipped with a sensor which allows to activate the display by moving your arm in a specific way, not by shaking.
A watch from Germany: The Kienzle LED-watch, which displays time in 24 hour format.


An nice looking but unknow brand....maybe one can help me to identify this nice looking watch....


This is a Plaque American LED Watch

Two other examples of LED-watches: The PANQUARTZ watches, one silver looking, the other a gold-tone one:

Panquartz Silver
Panquartz gold
This UNITREX-watch was manufactured and sold in the USAt , in Europe rather hard to find:


Unique and rare: The HP-01-Calculator-Watch from 1977 !

Contains a watch, a calender, a stopwatch , a calculator and an alarm clock ! The calculator's capabilities are comparable with a HP-38

The stylus to operate the calculator keys is part of the clasp.

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